Info Product Creation

Info Product Creation Take a look at what you will discover in this outstanding, value packed course:

How to pick a niche
How to research using real methods (more than just “google it”)
How to maximize your content and exposure, for explosive profits
How to rebrand software (without a programmer)
How to create instant products using skype (I’ve included a special video on how to prepare)
How to use PLR properly (if you must use it)
How to create an info product
How to create a kindle product
How to create an amazon product
How to outsource properly (and what pitfalls to avoid)
How to understand your niche (and hit the target between the eyes)
BONUS CASE STUDY: Best selling, Money Magnet Toolkit
How to create a home study course
How to make your own software (using a builder)
How to create physical products

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