IM Guru PLR Version 2.0 by Paul Counts and Jeff Wellmam is a new marketing course and product that you will be able to repackage and/or rebrand for resale.

It contains 5 main courses that cover 5 main topics, each with 10+ training videos. The 5 main topics are part of their “Rapid Cash Marketing System” and will include:

1. Membership Income Blueprint – This training course will teach users how to setup monthly membership sites to help earn consistent monthly income.

2. Tee Profit Pro – This section will go over selling custom-shirts and the strategies that Pauls uses to make profits selling them on Facebook.

3. WP Online Store – This course goes over some really good WordPress store themes and plugins and shows you how to build a search engine friendly ecommerce store using wordpress. You will also
learn how to find quality, reliable drop-ship suppliers.

4. Niche Marketing Success Secrets – This area teaches you all about niche marketing and helps you to pick a profitable niche.

5. Cutting Edge SEO Mastery – Here you will find out about current SEO strategies for 2014 as well as tips and guidelines to keep you safe from Google penalties.

Again, any of the 5 can be re-sold separately, or bundled with bonuses to help you increase your conversions.

There is also an affiliate contest where they are guaranteeing to pay over $3,000 to top selling affiliates over the course of the launch.

The earning potential has been reported as being almost $100 dollars per customer with the funnel that they have in place.

All in all, not too bad. But is the commission the only criteria that you should use to determine whether to market a product or not? Because in the end, the longevity and success of your long term business and your ability to make and not lose money hinges on marketing only the best of the best products that are legitimate, reputable and reliable. And in my experience, those are actually very, very few and far between.

You see, part of the reasons why I do reviews of products like IM Guru PLR Version 2.0 by Paul Counts, is to not only educate people on the product itself, but to also caution people to be wary of most products that are out there. In my 15 years of trying out all kinds of different how to make money online or make money from home opportunities, I dare say that I got burned by over 98 percent of them over that time.

Most of them will actually never make you any money. Now, am I saying that about IM Guru PLR Version 2.0 by Paul Counts? Absolutely not.

However, despite having spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on how to make money online and make money from home programs that didn’t make me a single cent, I actually did find a few that are legitimate, reputable and that can actually make you money.

And in most cases can make you a lot more than the $100 mentioned above as the commission for IM Guru PLR Version 2.0. One of those programs, called instant payday network, you can check out here by clicking this link:

If you have been looking for an honest way to make a living on the internet, or maybe you just want to make some extra income on the side, then this program, instant payday network, is definitely one you need to check out.

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