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How Does The Ubiz App Work – The Ubiz App is a very cool app. One that I have yet to see in the market place. Apps are every where but the key factor is having an app that people will use and find worth it to continue to use.

For starters the Ubiz app is brought to us by BizBiz.Mobi. It’s a free app that allows local businesses to advertise a deal, like Groupon but not get charged an arm and a leg for it. In fact the business only pays $30……PER YEAR!

The App is global and works on proximity. So, when some one is travel around and they have shopped at lets say Tony’s Pizza, They will get a ping or notification that Tony’s Pizza has a killer deal going on. Plus the app will group other Merchants that are using the Ubiz app in that area and ping it as well if you are in that area.

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What Will The Ubiz App Do For My Small Business?
The Ubiz App is going to allow very affordable advertising Via Mobile Marketing to local businesses at a very affordable price but with a very high value. Creating a mobile app these days is very expensive and being able to use an app like Ubiz, puts your deal in front of all the Ubiz app customers.

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Ubiz App – Product and Opportunity Review

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